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With over 4 decades of experience, Dr. James T. Reese provides motivational keynotes, seminars, and workshops throughout the world.

Blending wit and wisdom, Dr. Reese captivates his listeners and helps them transform their jobs from mere pensions to passions.

Let Dr. Reese help everyone in your organization:

  • Learn to cope with change and deal with adversity
  • Let go of stress and find satisfaction and excitement in their lives
  • Discover fulfillment in performing their best as a leader and a team player
  • Benefit from life-changing advice and motivation while enjoying the most entertaining and engaging speaker they may ever encounter.
"A truly GREAT presentation - thought-provoking, challenging, memorable!"

World Trade Center

Ground Zero

Iron Cross Award Recipient

National Hockey League

International Security Meeting


Winter Olympics XIX

Honorary Gold Medal Recipient

Dinner Speaker

Crystal Cathedral

-- Presenter


Luncheon Speaker

General Graves B. Erskine

Distinguished Lecturer

NFL Rookie Camp Speaker

World Congress on Stress
Speaker Medal Recipient

Meet Jim Reese, PhD - Author and Professional Speaker

Meet James T Reese, Motivational Speaker

With a doctorate in psychology, 25 years as an FBI Criminal Profiler, and many years as an acclaimed speaker in both public sector and corporate settings, Jim can tailor his presentation to fit the unique needs of your organization.

He is an internationally known, best-selling author and award-winning authority on motivation, leadership, stress management,workplace violence, and many other topics. Making 80 to 100 presentations worldwide each year, Dr. Reese delivers powerful, life-changing messages with spell-binding wit, humor, and energy.

Some of Dr. Reese's Audiences

  • Representatives of more than 350 Fortune 500 companies
  • Hundreds of law enforcement and public safety agencies
  • School Systems
  • NFL and NHL
  • NASA
  • Fidelity Investments
  • CFOs from Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  • National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • International Association of Internal Auditors
  • Provided expert testimony before the US Congress
  • Twice addressed the President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency.

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