More About Experience

Dr. Reese's experience is far-reaching and extensive.
From working four jobs simultaneously to pay for college; to serving as a combat infantry officer in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam; to joining the FBI on a fugitive squad, using ropes to cross frozen rivers in New England to capture dangerous fugitives of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA); to pioneering the criminal profiling unit in the FBI, he has a lifetime of personal experience with stress, leadership, coping with change, strategic thinking, and other topics he covers. 

His widespread professional speaking experience has included lecturing in college classes, addressing high-level executive forums and command colleges, presenting at executive retreats and offering keynote addresses for companies such as the NFL, Parker-Hannifin, Berkshire Hathaway, Kimberly Clark, EnCana Oil, Saskatchewan Power, Sherritt Coal, Alcoa Aluminum, and hundreds more. His experience ranges from one-on-one coaching to addressing thousands at NASA. He has presented before financial institutions, from Templeton Finance, to AmeriBank, to The World Bank. His expertise in fraud investigations has found him in front of audiences at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, KPMG, and the International Association of Internal Auditors. He has shared time with conference speakers such as Sarbaines and Oxley.

His experience in law enforcement is unequaled. The criminal justice system continually asks Dr. Reese to present to their conferences and symposia. His expertise in this area translates well into the entire public safety area as well. Dr. Reese provides more than 65 presentations each year to law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders alone. He authored/edited 7 books prior to his retirement from the FBI. He wrote the only history of police psychology.

He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in counseling and human development while in the FBI. His doctorate focused on the history of psychology and how its application to business and organizations could be improved. His more than 100 articles, dozens of chapters in books, and the more than 10 books he edited and authored express his desire to inform others and move them to higher ground. His twenty years as faculty of the National Executive Institute found him presenting to some of the highest ranking officials in the world.

His popular topics continue to be requested frequently by both law enforcement and corporations: “Start Thinking What you’re Thinking About;” “Coping with Change and Adversity: Staying Bitter or Getting Better;” " Strategic Leadership: Getting Where You’re Going;" “Leadership Visions and Decisions;" “Staying Up in a Down Society;” " Motivating with Leadership Skills and Interpersonal Influence,” and more.

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