Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Dr. Reese and how to arrange a speaking engagement.
Dr. Reese has simple requirements and can tailor his presentation for your organization's event.

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Below you can find answers to the questions we encounter most frequently. Just click on a question to display the answer. If you need more information or have a different question, please feel free to fill out a contact form.


How does one secure Dr. Reese as a speaker?

You can begin by simply filling out a contact form or calling our office at 757-503-9999. You may also contact us by mail at the following address:

James T. Reese and Associates
100 Richmond Hill, Fourth Floor
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Make sure you include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name of your organization
  • Date of presentation
  • From/to times of presentation
  • Location of presentation (venue name, address, city, state)
  • Any other information you believe would be helpful.

Dr. Reese will respond at his earliest opportunity (dependent on his travel schedule) to discuss your needs in more detail.

For more information, go to this page: How to Book Dr. Reese.

How far in advance is Dr. Reese booked, and how soon should we book him?

Now is a good time! Dr. Reese has presentations booked far into the future. However, that does not mean your date is not available. Give us your date, and we will confirm availability. Sooner is always better than later as, once you decide, the date you wanted may be obligated.

Does Dr. Reese have "prepared presentations" or are companies and organizations able to have him "tailor" a presentation to fit the needs and/or themes of their meetings and conferences?

Dr. Reese has never presented the exact same material twice. While some of the presentations are formatted to ensure the proper information is included, they are each created especially for the client. Clients are also encouraged to confer with Dr. Reese, via conference call or other method, to specify issues that they want to be addressed.

Does Dr. Reese work with organizations based upon their status and/or budget, or are his fees fixed?

Our goal is to serve our clients, not see how much money we can make. Any conversations regarding budget or other speaker-related matters are always welcomed. When you consider that Dr. Reese brings forty years of experience to the podium, uses his spellbinding experiences to make his points, and regularly walks off the stage with standing ovations, you will be convinced that his fees are more than fair. His presentations are truly about passion, not pension!

Who makes the travel and lodging arrangements?

Because Dr. Reese rarely knows where he will be prior to your event, he usually books his own travel and rental car if one is necessary. If traveling to you from his headquarters requires any single flight segment with a duration in excess of four hours, he will ask for first class accommodations on that flight segment only. He will ask for your assistance in suggesting lodging options and ground transportation to and from the airport.

What if Dr. Reese is flying in from an engagement in another location (London, England for example)? Are we required to pay his airfare from there?

No. Regardless of his location and additional flights/lectures, you are only obligated to pay what coach airfare would have been from his headquarters in Williamsburg, VA to your venue. He uses Richmond International Airport (RIC) and Newport News International Airport (PHF), depending upon airline schedules.

What is Dr. Reese's fee schedule?

In normal cases, Dr. Reese asks for 50% of the speaker fee upon confirmation (refundable in the unlikely case that he cannot fulfill the obligation--which has happened only once in 16 years due to weather). The remainder of the speaker fee is due at the venue prior to the presentation. We understand the constraints placed upon government entities with regard to payment. Travel-related expenses are billed with receipts.

What are the audio-visual requirements?

Nothing special. Simply provide a computer with PowerPoint™ capabilities and sound that allows the playing of embedded video clips; a projector and screen for the PowerPoint; a wireless lapel microphone or headset (if necessary); and a podium or small table for notes, etc.

Are handouts available for audiences?

Yes. Upon reasonable requests, and in most cases, handouts can be provided for your use in notebooks, folders, etc.

Does Dr. Reese bring any of his books, DVDs, or CDs to sell?

He will bring whatever you request of him (subject to availability) and sell them to your audience at a discounted price. Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are accepted.

Who is the contact person at James T. Reese and Associates?

The office manager is Ms. J. Baker, who is an administrator for recordkeeping and general operations. Dr. Reese insists on speaking directly with his clients, creating a comfortable, personal relationship and ensuring that none of the client's requirements are lost in translation.

Do we need to sign a contract or agreement?

In most cases, a simple confirmation email stating your agreement with the fee, topic, time, date, etc. is sufficient for us. We do not require contracts in the normal course of business. We will, however, welcome your contract.

Because of our corporate/organizational culture, together with our legal requirements, it is important to know if Dr. Reese complies with appropriate behavioral policies and guidelines.

Definitely! Dr. Reese respects the rights of all people and is fully aware and in favor of policies forbidding discrimination, violence in the workplace, sexual harassment, and other policies that may apply. Dr. Reese and those in his Speaker Consortium adhere to the highest standards of ethics and morality.

Where can Dr. Reese's commercial products be purchased?

Everything is available online from our e-store at Please take a look!