Dr. James T. Reese uses wit and humor to deliver life-changing messages.
Dr. Reese is frequently rated 'the best speaker ever!' by attendees.

"Best speaker we've ever had!"
"Outstanding delivery of powerful content!"
"A life-changing experience!"

Such comments follow Dr. James T. Reese wherever he speaks. With off-the-chart evaluations from attendees and constant demand for repeat appearances from a wide variety of organizations, Dr. Reese has a proven record of being able to change a conference or seminar from the usual to the extraordinary.

Below are typical comments from event planners and leaders, attendee evaluations, and correspondence sent directly to Dr. Reese. Browse through them to see for yourself the kind of impact Jim Reese can have on your next event.

Comments from Event Leaders

Hi Gang,
Thought I would share a gem. Our keynote speaker hit it out of the park this year. He is Dr. James Reese, former Assistant Unit Chief, FBI turned Motivational Speaker. On issues related to Leadership, Stress Management & Violence he is awesome and I personally highly recommend him. James T. Reese, PhD's keynote presentations evoke, inspire and motivate. Whether you're seeking a motivational speaker to kick off a major conference or you're rolling up your sleeves in a seminar or executive consultation, with unequaled experience, Dr. James Reese is your guy!

Dear Dr. Reese,
I wanted to thank you for presenting at our annual conference last month. As expected, we received exceptional feedback on your presentation, several writing “the best speaker I’ve ever heard”.

Comments from Attendee Evaluation forms

He was the best speaker we have seen at the conference in years....good job!

Amazing speaker!

Truly exceptional delivery of solid guidance.

Dr. Reese is without a doubt one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing. He is a master at captivating and keeping his audience entertained. His blend of humor coupled with all of his life experiences makes him the ideal choice for any law enforcement related event. Please bring him back again next year if possible.

Could not have asked for a better speaker. Funny and very engaging.

Nothing to say other than Dr. Reese is the best speaker I have ever heard, and I have listened to many self help authors speak to include John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, James Dobson and several others. If you could get him again, I think many people will be blessed by his speaking.

Awesome, absolutely awesome! This man was fantastic!

This was by far the most excellent choice for a speaker! He had a very quick rapport with officers, used humor and gave incredibly useful information--excellent choice!

Excellent speaker and great topic. Dr. Reese covered the entire spectrum relating to stress and kept the audience's attention throughout the entire session.

Funny and very insightful and down to earth. He was able to share relative information and keep one's interest.

This guy was amazing. I have a co-worker who commented, "That guy was so good he kept my attention for the whole three hours." Knowing this co-worker, that would be a tough thing to do!

Typical Comments from Notes and Email to Dr. Reese:

You are genuine in your delivery and your presentation was a combination of Billy Graham, Steve Martin, and Ghandi...tremendous speaking ability, well-timed humor, and brilliant teachings.

Your method of delivery engaged the audience right from the beginning and kept their attention throughout the morning.

Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 hours. You should have heard all the positive comments from our group. Many said that it is the best training they have ever attended. You left us feeling upbeat, motivated, and laughing. Thanks so much. Hope we can hear you again!

Your talk was definitely one of the high points of the conference!

I attended your presentation on leadership and choices at [name of conference].  Thank you for one of the best lectures I have heard in my entire life.  It was very moving.

I thoroughly enjoyed your lively and entertaining presentation, but more importantly, I believe in the message that you presented.

I was at your incredible keynote speech and your team building seminar at the . . . Conference. You have touched my life like no other speaker.

I would love to see you speak again in a heartbeat as you truly are the example of what a motivative speaker should be.  Thank you again.

I enjoyed your views, perspectives and stories. I definitely left the conference a better person.

It is so amazing how listening to some of your words reached deeper into me than any counselor or friend ever has.

Dr. Reese, I just saw your presentation at the [event name] conference in San Diego and have raved about it to everyone I have spoken to in the past 24 hours.

Your message re-enforced my beliefs about the importance of family, the power of a positive attitude, self respect, and a solid work ethic.  Thank you for going to such great lengths to point so many people in the right direction. 

I just attended your presentation on Stress Management for Law Enforcement. It was one of the most powerful presentations that I have attended in my 18 years of law enforcement.


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