Why Choose Dr. Reese?
There are many reasons why Dr. James T. Reese is in constant demand as a keynote speaker for corporate and law enforcement audiences.
Unique credentials: no other speaker can match Dr. James T. Reese!

Top Five Reasons to Book Dr. Reese for Your Conference

Dynamic, Inspirational, Educational, Vibrant, and Entertaining . . . but those aren't the real reasons!

  1. Dr. Reese is an award-winning speaker and author. Bringing audiences to their feet time after time, he injects a "can-do" attitude into his listeners. Moving conference participants from emotional solitude to hilarious laughter, he has been invited to return to clients as many as SIX TIMES to be their opening keynote speaker!
  2. His experience as a combat platoon leader in Vietnam and a retired FBI Agent/profiler gives him unequaled credentials and credibility. While providing intriguing, real-life examples of combat events and never-before published instances of serial killer interviews, he emphasizes "possibility thinking" and achieving success in the face of adversity.
  3. Dr. Reese understands the responsibilities of a keynote or workshop presenter. This is where all the efforts of organizing and preparing the conference are "on the line." Conference planners use Dr. Reese because of "his ability to set the stage, excite the audience, and create unbelievable positive energy to open a conference."
  4. Dr. Reese has been a successful CEO of James T. Reese and Associates and President of Richmond Hill Press, LLC. He has first-hand knowledge of the need for ethics and integrity in leadership and has demonstrated those qualities for more than four decades. An avid reader, writer, and student of other experts, he continues to bring the latest, state-of-the-art information to the podium. He has been described as both enlightening and enlivening.
  5. Dr. Reese continually receives standing ovations and phenomenal responses for his pre-conference efforts, while conference planners thank him for his hard work and diligent preparation. He seeks suggestions from his clients through emails, conference calls, and personal dialogue to ensure the organization will get the exact presentation necessary for a successful conference. And, Dr. Reese is surprisingly affordable! James T. Reese and Associates will work with your budget!

Our Return Policy: Have Dr. Reese present for you, and you will have him return!

View Additional Reasons to Choose Dr. Reese....
  • Twenty-five years as a Special Agent of the FBI
  • A pioneer FBI Criminal Personality Profiler, “Mind Hunter” as named by Psychology Today
  • Interviews of serial killers on death row
  • Eighteen years as faculty at the FBI National Academy
  • Twenty years as faculty of the National Executive Institute
  • Seventeen years as adjunct instructor with The University of Virginia
  • Dr. Reese will ‘tailor make’ your presentation based upon your individual needs
  • Each presentation is priced to meet the needs of the client
  • Every presentation is special; there are no ‘cookie cutter’ formats
  • Four decades of consistently outstanding critiques
  • Intelligent, engaging, humorous, and convincing style
  • Professional, non-vulgar, sensitive, and caring approach
  • Takes employees to new heights of enthusiasm
  • Turns jobs from pensions into passions
  • Thousands of presentations in the past
  • Hundreds of references to validate his worth as a speaker and asset to your conference or meeting
  • Addressed representatives of more than 350 Fortune 500 Companies
  • Wide-ranging topics for presentations to corporations and public service organizations, to include general topics such as coping with change; ethics-based leadership; violence in the workplace; stress management; leading change; and more
  • Presented before the NFL and ESPN
  • More than four decades of incomparable and amazing experiences woven into his presentations
  • Blends wit with wisdom making audiences to laugh out loud and leave asking for more
  • Unbelievable rates of return engagements due to critiques and requests
  • Three decades as a public speaker bringing information to a personal level
  • Over 100 engagements per year for the past 15 years, worldwide
  • More than 3,000 awards for speaking and training
  • Recipient of the Speaker's Medal, World Congress on Stress
  • Expert testimony before the U.S. Congress on stress and leadership
  • Presented before two U. S. presidents' Councils on Integrity and Efficiency
  • Named a "General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecturer"
  • Named Premier Speaker for the National Center for Crisis Management
  • Advisor, International Association of Ethics Trainers
  • Awarded the coveted Director of the FBI's Award for Excellence
  • Thousands of clients, both public and private
  • Solicited by Speaker Bureaus worldwide
  • Award winning author
  • Creator, FBI Stress Management Program
  • A founder, National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
  • Money back guarantee; the only one in the industry "and never lost a dime!"

Still not convinced? Visit our Testimonials Page for examples of typical comments from people who have heard Dr. Reese speak.