SPEAKING: Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Reese can tailor a course of instruction, presentation, or keynote to serve the unique and/or special needs and time frames of your organization and conference or meeting

Widely experienced with corporate and non-profit audiences as well as law enforcement and public sector organizations, Dr. Reese can deliver the encouraging and motivating message your group most needs to hear. Both highly entertaining and practical, his keynotes are based on expert knowledge and a lifetime of unique personal and professional experiences.

A simple conference call with Dr. Reese and members of your organization or conference committee ensures that he will be fully apprised of the goals and objectives for your event and can prepare his presentation to maximize its success.

How to Book Dr. Reese   See this page to get:
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Range of Topics  See this page for:
  • An overview of the type of topics Dr. Reese covers
  • Examples of keynote and seminar topics
Speaking Samples  See this page to:
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  • See why Dr. James T. Reese receives standing ovations and repeat engagements.